Working out at home with your kids….it can be done!

Since I made this promise to myself to get my body back… I decided it was time to get on some sort of schedule. This morning after I fed Priscilla breakfast and put her down for a nap, Sophia and I put on our workout clothes and grabbed our weights. I bought Sophia her very own set of weights off Amazon a few months ago so she can workout with mommy. This was a smart decision because it keeps my toddler occupied so I can get my work out in… who ever came up with this idea… genius! We have tried many workouts together from pilates , fix workouts, dance cardio, kickboxing, and zumba to name a few. Today I was super excited to try a new workout I came across this past weekend called BarreAlley. I absolutely love barre workouts. It combines everything I love in pilates , yoga, and ballet into a fun yet challenging workout that strengthens, lengthens, tightens and tones your muscles while slimming you out! Who doesn’t want to get slimmer?!?! I know I do!!! I have a curvy body to begin with so my goal is to slim down my booty and thighs not bulk up! I loved this concept of barre workouts already and have taken the classes at my local gym and owned a few DVDs, but I can’t always get to the gym as a mom of two… and I’ve grown tired of the same DVD workouts over the years. BarreAlley is essentially an online fitness class just for you! You can jump on the computer at your convenience and get a fun and very effective workout in. There are different timed workouts and variations to chose from. Today I did a 45 minute total body one and let me tell you… my thighs were burning when I walked up the stairs to get my baby from her nap…. and that’s after just one day! Imagine what can happen after a week, a month?!?! I have migraines so I have to be careful with the types of workouts I can do. Too much jumping or straining is not good for my brain. In this workout there was none of that. It was precise movements targeting muscle groups with fluid motion… no jumping or hurting this girls brain! By the time I was done with the workout I was sweating! I cannot wait to try another workout tomorrow! I am not being paid to say this, I am honestly just a mom who found a great workout option from home that wants to share the love! Going to the gym just doesn’t work for me with two kids and I need to find ways to make it work for me at home. I encourage you to take 45 minutes and do the trial class! You will love it just as much as I do! Get your sweat on and start crushing some goals ladies… right from the comfort of your living room, even if your kids are doing it right beside you! 😉

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