When Nana comes to stay… Giving your first child a little special time.

Being a family of 4 is awesome… but there are times when the older child needs a little one on one time. Sophia was always a good girl. We never went through the terrible twos… but let me tell you three has been tough. I think part of it is her strong willed temperament, but the other part is the awareness of having to share mommy and daddy with her baby sister. Since we have two girls, we have shared pretty much everything between the sisters. We have passed down toys, swings, clothes, and Sophia’s crib just to name a few. She is happy to share her things most of the time, but there are those days and moments when she doesn’t want her baby sister to have her things. We try our best to give Sophia her own special attention and do things just for her. I take her with me to go grocery shopping, or we go and get our nails done just the two of us. She loves our time we spend baking together and even loves to exercise with mommy. We try to get these things done while her baby sister is napping or in her jumper. However, there aren’t very many moments that Sophia gets to spend time with just mommy and daddy alone, and she still needs those moments too. See right now her baby sister is 8 months old and doing new things. She’s starting to crawl and say quite a few words. Of course these are all moments everyone is excited about and making lots of commotion over. We decided Sophia needed a little extra attention too! When Nana offered to come stay for the weekend we were so excited! We knew we were getting some snow and this would give us an opportunity to spend a little one on one time with Sophia while Nana took care of Priscilla. This morning we woke up to 8 inches of snow. This is possibly the best snow storm ever too! It came and went overnight and the sun was shining when we woke up! When we took Sophia outside, the temperature was perfect to play! Sophia had a blast making snow angels and a snowman with mommy and daddy… and we had so much fun making memories with our little girl. I’m not saying this will drastically change her attitude overnight, but I think it’s a great step in the right direction for Sophia. Every child needs special mommy and daddy time. I think it’s great for the parents too! Beyond thankful Nana came this weekend! Happy Snow Day!

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