When life takes over …

I had my resolutions set… I felt like I was in a groove and I was doing awesome. My family was getting healthy, I was working out every day, my blog was reaching new heights… and I was working so hard on my Normal Mommy brand. Life was going great the beginning of 2019 in this normal Mommy household. I was having a great snow day with our little family. Football was on the tv, yummy food was in the oven, and awesome memories were being made. What more could you ask for. Suddenly a tree fell in our yard and life just kind of stopped for a few minutes. Thankfully we are all safe and our home is ok. For the past few weeks we have been working on the damage this tree has left behind with the power outage, power surge, fried wires, below freezing temps, and just mentally exhausted parents. We came out of the last few weeks beyond thankful to have our family, our home, and in the grande scheme of it all… minimal damage compared to what could have been. Yes this could have been way worse. I sit back and look at my blog, my business, my extra things that mean so much to me and realized that I have neglected to give them my all in the midst of the madness at home. I thought about writing so many times and I would sit down and start a post but it just never had inspiration. I have to be honest and say I went through a little bit of a depressed phase the last two weeks. My life flipped upside down. We were not staying at our house, we had to worry about things from a financial stand point, I was stress eating, my migraines came back. I was just not myself. I realized when I felt this way I was not able to care for anyone until I cared for myself. I needed to get back to square one. Find beauty in the little things. Spend quality time with my family… find blessings in what we were given… be thankful. Today I jumped back into my fitness routine, and it felt amazing. This got my mindset back on track! My girls and I took this snow day we are having and had a blast painting while listening to music. I finally felt like me again. I think every mom goes through moments of feeling like less of a Super Hero and it’s ok to be brutally honest with yourself in those moments too! My family loves me in those moments even more!

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