What is a “normal mommy” anyway ?

It’s so funny! I wear my logo shirt all the time out in public. Yes I want to share my mom blog with the world because I am proud of what I have accomplished but I also just love the shirt so much! Recently I have been asked what is normal and why I chose my name. I wanted to jump on my blog quick and tell everyone why I chose the name. I have this medical condition and while pregnant with my second daughter it was bad. I was talking with my husband … in tears.. and told him how I just wished so badly I could be normal like everyone else. He told me that there is no real normal. That every one… every mom can define what their normal is. My normal is living life as a mom of two girls with hemiplegic migraines and endometriosis. So this got me thinking about what normal really is.. and how everyone longs to be normal and accepted. I just wanted to show that I’m a mom living life in suburbia and share it with everyone. We all have our own normal. We are all just a Normal Mommy. 🙂

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