What a difference a year makes

I think back to the first day of preschool I was so nervous to be away from Sophia. We had never been apart because I’m a stay at home Mom and she’s always been home with me. We picked out her backpack and lunch box and first day of school outfit together. She couldn’t be more excited. She seemed so grown up at the time. We took photos and walked into school as a family… Sophia , mommy , daddy and little sister Priscilla. We said goodbye to her at the door and I could barely hold it together. I made it to the car and cried. I wasn’t ready to let her go… I wasn’t ready to let her be in someone else’s care…. I wasn’t ready for her to grow up! Days and months went by and it became easier. I enjoyed my time in the mornings she was at school and I was able to run errands and have one on one time with Priscilla. Above and beyond those things I noticed a huge change in Sophia. She was no longer the shy baby girl who would sometimes cry for us at the door, she was becoming a big girl. She was singing songs she learned, she made so many new friends, she learned so many news things, and most importantly she was now confident in herself. It has been so amazing to see how much she has changed in just one year of preschool. I love to watch Sophia write her name and count in Spanish. She amazes me each and every day! I cannot wait to see what her last year of preschool will be like next year! As I got her ready for school today, her last day of preschool 3, I took her picture. I looked back at her photo from her first day and couldn’t believe how much she had grown. It is incredible to see the side by side comparison. She is my first child and seeing life through her eyes is truly inspiring. This is motherhood at its finest. ❤️

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