Two thumbs up for YUMBLE KIDS!!!

Food delivery service for your kids? …… YES!!!! Let me just start by saying I passed over this concept a few times. I thought I don’t need this…They wont eat this… How good could it be….Will it taste good…. Is it worth the cost??? Every single one of these questions in my mind made me pass over this amazing concept time and time again, until one day both my girls and I grew tired of the Mac and Cheese / Grilled Cheese battle! You see my girls are so picky, especially my oldest Sophia. She will basically only eat the two foods I just mentioned no matter what I have tried. She will be 4 this month and I so desperately wanted her to try new foods and be excited about eating!  I decided to give Yumble Kids a try.. and it was one of the best decisions I could have made! Every second from the moment it came to the door has been a fun experience for my children. The box is fun to open and brightly colored! The food containers are decorated with fun characters and kept ice cold and frozen! There is even a fun packet inside with tokens, coloring pages, and playing cards for the children to collect. This concept is a step above the rest in my opinion… and this is even before trying the food! Sophia was so excited just from opening the box she wanted to eat the food right away! Let me just start by saying the food is delicious! It is created in a way that is fun for kids to eat so they want to eat it! This morning Sophia ate her entire egg… the whole thing… this sort of thing NEVER happens in our house!! Priscilla is obsessed with their broccoli tots! I cant say enough about the taste! I have not been disappointed yet! The kids have not turned down a single meal! They have several meal options to choose from and you receive six in a delivery! It is perfect! My two girls have been able to share each meal. To me, this is well worth the investment. I find myself making them separate meals for either lunch or dinner and this is so much healthier and expanding their palate more than I ever could in a fraction of the time! I highly recommend all moms give this company a try!

Check out my link below and don’t forget to use coupon Code: normalmommy30 at checkout!!!!

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