I love traditions especially family traditions. There is something so special about a tradition that is passed down among generations and cherished among family members. I look forward to our family wine making every single year. It’s a two weekend process and every step is so exciting! Making wine has been in our family for generations. The steps have been the same for many years. We have the grapes shipped here and we spend the first weekend removing the stems and allowing the grapes to sit so the juices will release. The following week ( today) we press the grapes! This is the most fun day! The entire extended family comes for a day full of wine, food, and friendship. We eat yummy Italian food and bring out the old pressing machine. This machine has been in our family for generations and is over 100 years old. The children all take a turn cranking the handle to press down the grapes and get the wine out. It is such a fun day filled with laughter, food, and drinking last years wine. Traditions are such an important part of life and something I am proud to pass down to my children. I would love to hear about your family traditions too!

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