Toddler Travel Buddy

My husband’s company is in a different state which means we are a traveling family. Every few months we pack up the kids and drive down south. We call the Annapolis area our second home. We have learned through our travels some tips and tricks along the way. I seem to be prepared… well over prepared most of the time. I have a large bag filled with snacks, both for the kids and adults. I make sure to pack baby food that is easily accessible in the pouches for quick rest stop breaks. I find if we are waiting in line for food I can easily feed Priscilla a pouch and know she is getting a good meal. I keep Sophia, my toddler, distracted with her iPad for the hours in the car along with yummy treats and drinks like juice boxes and water. I have at least two hand sanitizers on me at all times. One in my diaper bag and one in the car… it’s an absolute must. I can tell you horror stories about our rest area stops…. but I won’t. The best mommy hack / road trip tip I have is to carry a potty in the car with you. It has been an absolute life saver for us. I can’t tell you how many times we have had to stop and let Sophia use her little potty when we couldn’t make it to a rest stop. Today we were headed towards the GW bridge… and let’s just say it’s a holiday weekend it was awful. She started crying she had to pee. We pulled off on the side of the road at a tiny gas station, let her pee on her own little clean potty, and kept on moving. It was the best and easiest option we had before embarking on hours of traffic. If you have to go on a road trip and have a potty training or just trained toddler I highly recommend bringing a potty in the car just in case! It’s a lifesaver!!!! We call ours our travel buddy!

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