Threenager … is she for real right now?!?!

Do you ever find yourself arguing with your toddler and stop to remember they are only three?!?! That has been happening to me a lot lately. My daughter will be three and a half this month and my goodness I have no clue what is going on with her! Everything is “I can do it myself”… or I have to repeat myself at least three or four times when telling her to do something. Don’t even get me started on the talking back… or sassy talk as we call it in our house… and that God forsaken “No” word. She is strong willed and stubborn, but brilliant at the same time. I love how independent she has grown to be. She loves to dress herself which has turned into a production when getting ready in the morning, but that’s ok… most of the time she looks adorable. She has become so independent that she doesn’t want help for anything, which at times like when we are getting in the car, is challenging. It seems like everything lately is an argument or a struggle … I can’t tell you how many chances she goes through a day with time out. She always tells me “I have 1 finger left mommy”… we count the 5 fingers for 5 chances. I want to allow her to find her way, but I also want to teach her right from wrong. I don’t want to punish her all of the time, but I don’t want to allow her to get away with too much. Her talking back… my gosh now I understand the term threenager! She literally acts like a teenager without the actual vocabulary… thank goodness.. because I am not ready for that yet!

I also find she is walking a fine line with story telling,… I wouldn’t call it lying but story telling. How can someone so small come up with so much! I can’t help but laugh at times… she is literally hysterical with the things she does or says. It’s funny to see a little human be so strong willed and act this way. The other day I asked her “who do you think you are?” Her response… ” I’m a woman” I said honey you are three years old… she said no mommy i’m 13! Well there you have it! Point proven!! I can tell she is absorbing and learning so much at such a fast rate but not able to communicate it all as best as she can. I think there is a level of frustration that goes along with this phase in their little lives. This is also the moment in time where the biting, pinching, spitting, and grunting all come into play as well. I know and I’m speaking from experience because we have seen it all throughout the course of tantrums. We’ve dealt with them all although most have subsided, with the exception of grunting which has stuck around and comes out with the foot stomping. There must be a brain connection somewhere, somehow with development and finding independence at 3 years old … I just pray this threenager “moment in time” goes out as swiftly as it came in… and my Sweet baby girl comes back soon! I’ve been doing my research and it all seems normal for the development of a three year old… but my goodness how long does this phase last… and how do the moms get through it?!?! I mean other than wine of course?!

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