The start of a new Era… kindergarten !

Recently, I find myself waking up early, even an hour or more before the alarm is set to go off. You see yesterday my baby went to kindergarten. I cannot even begin to tell you the emotions I have inside of me. I am filled with sadness, happiness, excitement, fear, and so many more things just swirling inside. She has been with me every day since she was born 5 years ago. It is hard to let go and put her safety into another person’s hands. It is hard to watch the clock tick hour by hour from 9 to nearly 4 before she comes home. How did this happen!? How did my baby grow up so fast?! She has become this independent and bright little girl right before my eyes. I could not be more proud of her, but with this comes a new found anxiety that is keeping me awake. I am now worrying about school lunches and snacks. I worry about pretty much anything you can think of. I keep telling myself once this becomes our new normal I will sleep again and my nerves will calm down, but right now I just miss my little girl. Is that crazy? Am I wrong to wish time would slow down and I wasn’t getting ready to go pack her backpack right now? My message to the moms that may be putting their little ones on the bus this morning… I’m there with you!! I held on to my tears until my brave little one was far enough away and then I cried a river. We prepared them to get to the point they are today… and we will get through this amazing new chapter… after a few tears and sleepless nights of course.

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