The FLU decided to stop by!

Just when I thought we were in the clear and spring was right around the corner… the flu decided to stop by our home. It was a normal day in our household. We were shopping, doing our normal routine, but things seemed a little off. Sophia was acting out like crazy. Her tantrums were so frequent, I personally wanted to cry. I could not understand what was wrong with her. She would be angry one minute and cry the next. I kept asking her if she didn’t feel well, but she kept saying she was fine. Later on that day she said she was cold, but to my surprise there was no fever in sight. I never dreamed what was coming within the next several hours. As bedtime came Sophia started to look sick. She just wanted to go to sleep which is not her usual behavior. I felt her head and she was warm. I gave her some medicine and we went to bed. During the night she got very sick. The next several days were awful. As a parent you worry so much about everything. One of the worst things is seeing your children sick. Sophia was sicker than I think we have ever seen her. Just as she started to turn a corner, Priscilla started to get sick and the viscous cycle began again. The high fevers, stomach sickness, and cough are just awful. The flu this year doesn’t seem to care if you have the flu shot or not… it will visit you either way. My husband and I have tried to do our best to stay healthy, but he too fell victim to the flu this past few days. I don’t know when the last time I slept was, or if I have sat down more than 10 minutes at a time. I am beyond thankful that we seem to be on the end of the sickness, and we are all OK. I have joked about being the last man standing because I am the only one not sick. I do not know if its luck, the fact that I am loading up on elderberry syrup, or if it just hasn’t hit me yet, but I am going to pray I stay healthy. I think all moms can agree with me when I say, we just don’t have time to be sick. I have one thing to say to the Flu of 2019, thank you… Next!

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