That morning cup of coffee!

I’ve been up since a little before 5 this morning. Today is the day my husband left for a business trip. Gosh I really don’t like these days. I tell myself it’s time to put the big girl pants on and face the day… but the truth is I rely on my partner in crime. You see my husband works from home. We are so blessed that his job allows him to work right in his home office a large portion of the time… and travel several times a year. He gets to be a part of school events, exciting moments in the girls lives, sick days, and even lunch time. My goodness how lucky are we? Working from home isn’t always butterflies and lambs I am certain of that. My poor husband tries to be an executive while dodging superhero Sophia in the hallway or the latest tantrum of the day, but I am sure as he is sitting on the plane at this very moment he would rather be right here with us than flying to his conference. We have this really awesome thing called family. My gosh it’s pretty amazing. So as I sit here in silence and sip my coffee in preparation to take on single parenthood for a few days… I think about how grateful I am for my life. I am also beyond thankful my girls are still asleep past 7 am… because let’s be honest I’m a little scared to do the next four days alone!!! Wish me luck!!!

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