Target…. why are you so amazing?!?! 🦄🤷🏻‍♀️

As I explained my second Target trip in 48 hours to my husband tonight … it got me thinking what exactly is it about the store that makes us women fall so in love. I’m sure for all women there are different things but there are some common grounds for sure! For me… well you see I have trained my 3 year old since she was born the excitement of seeing that big red sign when you get off the highway… for us the Starbucks greeting you as you walk through the doors… and that glorious dollar section that you just can’t walk past without filling up your carriage. And this my mommy friends is all within the first five minutes of walking into the building! How can you not be happy! I feel like I’m on this happy high walking up and down the isles and in those minutes… well…hour I am there… girls are happy too! No one is crying… everyone is smiling… maybe it’s the red colors… the happy people… maybe it’s just the vibe in Target. There’s just something about shopping there … moms are happy! You know when people drive Jeeps they have that special wave.. that only people who drive Jeeps know about?!?! Well moms in target have that too it’s called the target look… we all have it, we all give it to each other. It’s that unspoken “yes, we are in our happy place, don’t tell our husbands how much we are about to spend” look. It’s magical. So as I sit here and explain to my husband just what I needed at Target, I went there for diapers,… and a few other small things before yet another snow storm. I realized there’s a much bigger picture. There’s a movement so to speak. There’s a reason moms go to Target and it’s to get happy…. it’s the feel good place… it’s a motherhood. I’m not sure if he’s buying it… but I know I sure am 🙂 and if you mamas out there are reading this you’re nodding your head too!

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