Sweet Teething Baby…. the teething monster!

There is nothing cuter then when a little baby smiles and you can see two tiny teeth shining through. That has to be one of my favorite things about having a baby…..just seeing that sweet smile. But now we have to talk about the time leading up to those little chiclets… teething. Let’s just be honest and say it’s pretty awful. You can have the sweetest baby in the world and you throw in teething and it all changes. I worked so hard to get Priscilla on a sleep schedule, sleeping through the night, which we all desperately needed. Now that we are teething, it’s all sorts of messed up. Why does this all have to happen when a baby gets her teeth? It not only effects sleep, but eating, playing, self soothing… everything is completely off all due to these adorable pearly whites. When Priscilla cut her two bottom teeth it literally took two months for them to break through. The poor baby was miserable. She was getting on and off fevers and the worst rashes on her bottom. We had a few months of a break but we are right back in the thick of it now with the top teeth. I am finding P doesn’t want to be put down and wants to be held constantly. She is so cranky and putting every single toy, and non toy, object she can get her hands on in her month. I’ve been trying so hard to find things to keep her happy and soothe her sore gums. I keep thinking my gosh if we as adults had to go through this kind of tooth pain what would it would be like?! I’ve been giving her lots of cool things to bite on and soft foods to chew. I have been doing my best to keep to her sleep schedule because that is the best thing to keep us all sane! But I have decided that if extra snuggles is what she needs to take the ouchies away… why not?!?! How can you turn down a 9 month old saying mama?!?! And how much longer will she want to be snuggled like this before she’s walking and on the go. I’m embracing this teething monster… and showing it who’s Boss. 😂

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