Summer fun at

Summer is for FUN… but it is so important to keep the learning and education alive, especially during the months when school is not in session. We came across this awesome website calledย . It is for all ages starting at preschool. There are so many wonderful learning activities such as worksheets, mazes, games, and other really cool learning tools. Sophia has had a blast playing the educational games. She is counting along , tracing the mazes, really using her thinking cap. During rest time today, she requested to go on this website and play the educational games instead of using her quiet time for her iPad like she has in the past. This website is so much fun and a great learning tool. It can be used for homeschool parents, or any parent looking to help their children in their learning process. There is a great option to try this website for a free trial. This is exactly what we did, and we have fallen in love with it! I encourage parents with children of all ages, especially preschoolers learning colors, numbers, and letters for the first time, to check out this website!!! ย ยย ย ย ย ย sent us a really fun Flower Maze Worksheet to try! Sophia and I had a blast doing this together! It was awesome to see just how well she did finding her way through the maze! Thank you for partnering with me ! Check out this really fun Flower Maze worksheet and give it a try with your children today!!! ๐Ÿ™‚



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