Soul Slings… comfort and class.

I was given the awesome opportunity to try some products from this amazing company called Soul Slings. They make handmade pure and natural baby carriers in India that are safe and free from any harmful products or dyes. The baby carrier is made out of the softest cotton and linen and is the most comfortable for my daughter to be held in. She is so happy when being held in her carrier and almost always snuggles against my chest and falls asleep. I have the standard buckle carrier that has a hood attached which is perfect to shield her from the sun and rain. I have used this feature many times when I have been caught in the rain and I absolutely love it. The styles of fabric are in a league of their own. They have so many gorgeous options to chose from and I had the hardest time picking my carrier. I find they take the time to make each and every carrier special for the mother and child. I think every mom out there can agree that the best part of baby wearing is being hands free. I feel so safe wearing Priscilla in this carrier. There are some brands on the market that are not made with the same quality. As my daughter gets older I am feeling less comfortable using those with her. Soul is made so secure and you can tell saftety was taken into consideration in the design.  I was fortunate enough to be able to try a few other products from Soul as well. My daughter Sophia will be 4 very soon and loves to do everything like Mommy. Soul was awesome and sent us a doll carrier that was exactly like my standard baby carrier. Sophia loves to put her baby dolls in her carrier and walk around just like mommy taking care of her baby. Soul also has an awesome accessory line too! They carry bags, bibs, hats, slings, blankets, and the most adorable shoes. We love the soft soul shoes. Priscilla looks adorable in them and the breathable fabric and elastic that keeps them on are priceless. This company is awesome and their products are truly in a league of their own.

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