Sophia’s Kitchen

Do you cook with your kids?

Sophia has been cooking with me since she was 1. Yes 1! She started out with mixing with the wooden spoon to learning to crack her first egg before her second birthday. I remember she made her daddy cupcakes for his birthday in April all by herself. She turned 2 that August. It was incredible to see such a little person in the kitchen. I of course helped her in areas that she could get hurt like around the oven or stove and when using sharp objects, but other than that she has always been independent in the kitchen. At four years old her cooking has expanded into her creating her own recipes and even trying to make her very own cooking show segments. We watch Food Network together and she loves to see how the stars make up recipes. She says one day she will have her own show. I honestly think she can some day. She impresses me with her creations and her love for cooking. Today we had so much fun with her new Sesame Street cooking set. She followed the recipe in the cook book to make yummy, healthy cookies and was so proud she made them all by herself. I encourage moms to get in the kitchen with their kids and teach them to cook. Watching Sophia not only learn to cook, but to have pride in what she makes is so amazing. When she was done today she washed every single dish herself… and it was self prompted. There is something to be said about being proud of your accomplishments. So moms … find a simple recipe and get your kids in the kitchen!

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