Sophia Makes Artichokes

Sophia loves to cook… especially when Nana is here! Ever since she was old enough to chew, she has loved artichokes. She will eat an entire one on her own. She could not wait to learn how to make them just like her Nana. She has perfected the recipe and can make them on her own. Today she wanted to make them for lunch and share the recipe with our followers. This is a super simple and fun way to eat your veggies!

When you encourage your children to help you cook or create their own recipes, it gets them to try new foods and eat things they wouldn’t normally want to. I am a huge advocate for kids in the kitchen. I know some parents are hesitant because it can be dangerous or messy, but as long as they are aware of the rules, it is a lot of fun. Sophia has been cooking with me since she was a little older than one and Priscilla loves to cook now too! My girls will always try new foods and both absolutely love to cook and bake! I encourage you to bring your kids into the kitchen too!

Artichoke Recipe :




Garlic powder



Olive oil

We cut the stems off the artichokes and smash them on the counter. We rinse them and let them dry on the counter. We then sprinkle the spices on the inside of the leaves. We do this on all of the artichokes. There is no measurements… just what seems like a yummy amount. We then fill the pot with water till the artichokes are covered half way. You then place about 1/8 cup of oil around the pot and place on stove to boil. After the artichokes boil you let them simmer on low for 45 minutes or until they are tender. Enjoy our family favorite !

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