Sisters become besties

I can hear the giggles from across the hall… it sounds like the start of a beautiful friendship. These two sisters have finally become best friends. It’s that magical moment when the stars align and the ages are perfectly fitting together. I was in the other room packing for our big family vacation when I heard these two giggling and having fun together in their room. I didn’t go in at first, I waited a few minutes. I wanted to allow them time to bond. When I went into the room I saw that my oldest daughter was helping my youngest get dressed. It was adorable. My Sophia is four years old and already has the most incredible fashion sense. She picked out matching outfits for both of them including their Normal Mommy logo t-shirts. Of course this made me smile. She finished the outfit off with tutus and metallic shoes. This little toddler has so much style. I loved watching them together this morning. Bonding over fashion is every mother’s dream for her daughters ! 😉

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