Sisterly Bond

Saturday’s are filled with activities and family fun! Today we enjoyed the first warm day of the year and spent the entire day out. These two had a blast picking out their outfits together. It’s adorable to see them in their room together. Sophia loves to pick out her outfits, and her younger sister Priscilla is starting to do the same. Sophia was so proud of her look she asked to pose for a photo. The two girls stood in our kitchen and I snapped a few keepers. As I looked through the “cheese” smiles, I came across this picture. The look on Priscilla’s face says it all. She adores her big sister. These two have truly become best friends. They play together, giggle together, and basically do everything together. It is a true blessing watching these two grow up together. A huge plus in all of this is they have a pretty awesome fashion sense too! 😂

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