SAHM Inspiration

Today I had a mommy moment. I was walking out of the local stop and shop grocery store and I felt a sense of accomplishment. It was just a few minutes before I needed to pick my toddler up from preschool and I was rushing to my car with my baby girl to get there in time. I looked up at the clock tower in the parking lot and thought to myself … wow I got a lot done this morning. In just the few hours I had been awake I did two loads of laundry, a load of dishes, fed myself and the baby breakfast, took Priscilla’s 9 month photos, and even had time to work on my little mommy side business I just started. It felt so good to put a little makeup on, a good pair of yoga pants, and go to the grocery store looking somewhat like a put together mama. Yup today was working for me. Do you all ever have one of those days where it just clicks? Don’t get me wrong these days happen maybe once a week for me. My normal days I look like a hot mess express. I don’t have makeup on, don’t comb my hair, lord knows what my clothes look like, not to mention my house…. most days by noon I want to cry and reach for the glass of wine. As I’m sitting here writing this drinking my afternoon cup of coffee, I’m reflecting on today… how I was able to get dinner made while Priscilla napped and Sophia played “quietly” with her toys and I’m wondering… why today. What happened to make today go so smoothly? Was it something I did, or said when I woke up? Is it that I am a SAHM working to get a side business going for myself that is giving me inspiration in my everyday life? Is it my mommy blog that is my outlet making me feel like I’m reaching other moms like myself? I’m not sure but I’m absolutely loving how today feels. I feel empowered. Being a mom is hard work, being a wife is hard work. We run the house and we run it well. I love how inspired I feel today and I pray this continues… now hopefully this good feeling got into tonight’s dinner and it will taste as good as I feel this afternoon. 🀞🏼😊

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