Removing Color to Add Happiness!

I started out my journey of motherhood like most first time moms. I only ate the healthiest of things while pregnant to ensure my baby would be as healthy as she could be. This thought continued through breast feeding too. I would take into consideration everything I would put into my mouth and think about what it might do to my milk and my child. As my daughter grew up and started to eat table food, I wanted only the best for her. I made sure these products were organic and minimally processed. I would take the time to make her baby food from scratch. 

Fast forward a few years and two children, I lost sense of who this first-time mommy was. I still make the best decisions for my family when grocery shopping and our home contains the healthiest food possible, but I have at times fallen victim to buying things I know I shouldn’t. My daughter began school and started to notice things her friends would be eating. She would ask me to please let her bring the snacks her friend had to school. I of course wanted to make her happy, so I bought it. There have also been times when tv commercials have played a huge role in our purchases. These commercials really make children wish for something like a yummy cereal with marshmallows or a special cookie for the holidays. In moderation these things are fine, and for most children completely acceptable, but for my daughter this was not the case….

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