Plugo Count by PlayShifu

Sophia will be in Kindergarten soon! I cannot believe I am even saying this out loud! I am not ready, but this little girl sure is. We went to the parent orientation last week and met with the staff to find out just what we needed to do to ensure our little girl will be ready in the fall. Sophia loves to learn, she always has, so we find that challenging her with new tasks keeps her mind moving. The principle suggested we start to introduce numbers and letters to get our children familiar with what will be expected of them next year. Sophia is great with writing her name, but addition and subtraction has yet to be introduced. We immediately went to Amazon to see what products were on the market. We came across Plugo Count by PlayShifu. We know Sophia is already a wiz kid when it comes to her I-pad and loves to have screen time, so a learning game that incorporates that seems like a match made in heaven. We decided to order this on Amazon prime and it was here the next day! When we opened the package it took just minutes to set up. Sophia and I set the game up while daddy downloaded the app. The entire set up process is so simple and quick, which is great for a four year old. We were counting with rocket ships in just minutes. I say this because out of all of the fun counting games on the app, this is the one Sophia is choosing to play over and over again. She has become slightly obsessed with it. The basic premise of the game is you set the iPad up on the pad to read the cute little figure which holds the number counting pieces.

The game then asks you to follow the instruction and find the numbers. You will either add ( 1+1) or subtract (4-2), you get the idea, it is fun and teaches the children basic math skills.

The game takes you through an exciting story line till you win the game. It is fun and interactive learning which keeps the children engaged and for me really happy to see my daughter having so much fun while learning. She asked to play a little longer this morning and for me that was A-Okay!

Be sure to check them out at their awesome website below and shop their Amazon link to start learning today!

Amazon Plugo Count


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