Pass the Saalt!

Being a mommy is a tough job… it can be even harder during that time of the month. I happen to suffer from endometriosis which makes my periods even more painful and heavy than most women. I try to put on my big girl pants so to speak and push on through my day, but there are some days when I just feel overwhelmed. I feel like I spend so much time running to the bathroom to change my women products and this is precious time wasted as a mom. First of all I dont know about you, but I almost never get to go to the bathroom alone. So I get that question of … “mommy, why do you have a diaper on?” I am not explaining what is really happening to me to my 3 year old daughter … not yet! So at this time I just laugh and say …. “Well honey.. mommy had an accident… I am in trouble” Oh the joys of motherhood. This is why when I came across this product called Saalt I was so excited to learn more about it. Its basically a product you insert like you would a tampon but it is safe to leave in for several hours. It is a cup that collects the blood and you empty out, clean, and reuse. To me as a busy mom with no free time or personal space … this is brilliant. I decided to give it a try! Not only did it cut down on my bathroom time, it helped to ease the anxiety of my dreaded menstrual cycle. I recommend any women give this a try and … Pass the Saalt!

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