Parenting a strong willed child…

As I sit here trying to find an article to make me feel better about my day.. or a quote to lighten the mood… I realize today just down right sucked. There is no better way to put it. Today was awful! I think every parent has these days. The days when your child is just awful in public no matter what special activity you had planned for them. They throw the absolute worst tantrum you have ever seen in the middle of a parking lot, for the world to see and turn into a dead fish and won’t go into their car seat. Yup today was one of those days. I think I went through every phase of parenting. The counting … the loss of privileges… the time outs… the yelling… the crying.. oh yes I cried…. the behavior chart.. you name it I tried it today. Nothing at all seemed to work. My child is off the handle today and I can’t for the life of me understand why. I planned the sweetest tea party with nana today for her and she was crazy there. I was so embarrassed trying to keep my composure till we got in the car… but it was an awful lunch. The drive home was worse. I tried everything with my strong willed child … but boy nothing worked. Her tantrum this afternoon was insane! She ran into my husband’s home office screaming while he was on a work call… I think you all can imagine how well that went over… yup you guessed it… not well! The day ended and we said ok… a family walk is what we all need. We headed to the town green and our child went crazy because her pirate costume was not right… tantrum explosion! There was no calming her down.. ten minutes in fact… it was ugly people… and then I had theugly mom cry all the way home. So why… why I ask why do our children do this to us?! Why are some days just like this…?!?! Is it lack of sleep?!?! Over stimulation ?!?! Is it that they are just sooooo set in their little ways that they can’t handle one thing not going their way ?! How many moms out there feel like they are losing this battle.. and honestly losing their minds along with me?! I read these articles about parenting and I try. I really try to do it all right. I make the charts. I do the counting. I give consequences. I take away privileges. But when your child looks at you and says.. ” ok ok.. I know I’m going to lose a privilege” it kind of loses its luster. Or what about… ” are you going to say 3!?! ” She just turned 4 last month! I must be missing something! I read somewhere that she is going to be something truly great one day based on this personality of hers… well I don’t doubt that one bit! But I need to get through this thing called parenting to see it ! Mamas we need to form a sisterhood here… to get through this thing called parenting a strong willed child! That and it’s acceptable to have a drink on the week nights ! 😉

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