Online grocery shopping… makes me feel like Super Mom

I’ve talked about my love for online grocery shopping in the past. The convenience of shopping from the privacy and comfort of your home is priceless. I usually enjoy a warm cup of tea or for those crazy days a glass of wine while I shop. I order my groceries and pick them up the following day! It’s that simple. With the New Year starting I wanted to be prepared. I set goals for myself and my family that I truly want to stick to. For myself I want to be healthier and for my family I want to cook healthy family meals. I promised myself that I would take the time to plan my weekly meals and know exactly what I need to buy for my grocery order each week. As a family we want to eat out less and save money. Being able to order my groceries with my menu and list in front of me makes planning and meal prep so much easier. I felt like a super hero mom this morning. I woke up and got my girls ready for the day. Sophia was at school and I was able to pick up my groceries, get the house clean, and make homemade chicken salad for lunch all before noon. I was in such a good mood and saved so much money this week I even sprung for some flowers for myself that were on special this week at the grocery store! I can say my 2019 is off to one heck of a great start! As I sit here tonight writing today’s blog post I feel proud of today and all that I accomplished. In between a crazy jam packed day with errands, school, and even Taekwondo I still managed to get a home cooked family dinner on the table. I really love online grocery shopping and if you have a local ShopRite I highly recommended using ShopRite from Home! The shoppers are incredible and really care about the selections they are making for you. Excited to see what the rest of my week and meal planning has in store for my family of four!

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