Once you Pop… The fun won’t Stop!

My girls love imaginary play. They have so much fun pretending to explore new places and be someone else for just a few moments. When they found Privacy Pop they were beyond excited. This tent not only creates an amazing oasis on your bed for sleeping, it also creates a world of fun anywhere your imagination wants to take it. We love to pop open this tent in our home, yard, or right on the girls bed when we want to play. The girls are so excited when I pull out their purple Privacy Pop!

This compact tent pops open within seconds and is assembled in just minutes. This is perfect for eager toddlers with short attention spans. We have used our Privacy Pop for quiet afternoons to snuggle and read, and also for fun adventures to make a hideaway. This tent can be a really great addition to your outdoor adventures. We love to bring our Privacy Pop outside or to the beach. I love how easy it is to carry and assemble and the girls love how they can hide inside and how much room they have to play. We have the twin size tent, but they come in many different sizes. Whether the tent is positioned on the girls bed or somewhere in our home it has become their very own perfect hideaway!

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