Night Terrors

I’ve been a little MIA recently. To be honest I haven’t had the words or maybe it’s the energy to compose a blog post. We have been going through almost 2 weeks of night terrors. If you have gone through them, you are most likely nodding your head understanding what we have been going through, if not this is a good one to save for the future.

We moved into our new home exactly a year ago. This is the third time we’ve moved in Sophia’s 4 years. We had a condo before we had Priscilla and rented a house before we bought this current home. Our new home has 4 bedrooms, but is very spread out so we have decided to have the girls share a room. We knew once Pricilla was old enough that would be awesome… but until then it would be a difficult sleeping situation. Sophia has been in our master bedroom for a year now. She is simply scared to be alone and we also didn’t want her to wake her baby sister. We recently got to the point where Priscilla knew Sophia was with us and Priscilla was refusing to sleep. It was the perfect storm to begin the “room sharing” transition.

The biggest part of our transition was taking down Priscilla’s crib and giving her a toddler bed. While Sophia was at school we transformed their room and brought her twin bed from our bedroom into their room. We placed the twin bed and toddler bed next to each other and created their shared sister room. We knew they would be excited, but we also knew we were in for a few nights of no sleep. We had no idea we were in for weeks of night terrors.

The first night was not too bad. Priscilla had napped really well in her big girl bed so that transition went amazing. The girls went to sleep with a few tears, mostly from Sophia, and slept for four hours. Jason and I were high fiving. We went into the room at midnight and thought ok now one of us will sleep on the blow up mattress for the the rest of the night. Not too bad. It was the next night we weren’t ready for.

Night terrors are crazy, you cannot wake your child, you cannot talk to them. They have no idea you are there. You can basically watch them struggle and do nothing. Sophia started to thrash about 10:40 and scream for me. I was right next to her. This continued till 3 am. We tried everything to comfort her, but nothing worked. It’s as if they are having the worst dreams ever and wanting you, but you can’t help them. Her eyes would open but she couldn’t see me. This happened every night for a week at the same time…. we couldn’t help her. We tried to move her into our bed and it didn’t help. It would wake her sister too. We would be repeating bed time several times in one night. I tried waking her before the expected terror, water, bathroom breaks, lavender oil, nothing worked. The worst of the terrors was two nights ago. Sophia got up out of her bed, and walked down our hallway. Thank God we have a Ranch Style home. She turned around when we ran after her. She looked right at us, but had no idea she was looking at us. She was sleep walking. We didn’t know what to do. We guided her back to bed and then the night terrors began. I just sat down and cried.

This is harder on the parent to watch than it is on the child. From what I have read, and what the doctor has told me, it’s not harmful at all for the child. The child is just going to be exhausted. It is just so hard to watch your child struggle and you can’t help them. I think she will grow out of it. I pray she does. This is our third round of night terrors in her little four years of life. I know we are doing the right thing moving her into her own room, but my heart is breaking. I ask her in the morning what she was dreaming about and she doesn’t remember. I am just going to keep moving forward, keeping her days happy, and drinking as much coffee as I can.

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