Natural Bug Spray!!!!

Summer time means unpredictable rain storms. The rain can be a welcome cool down in the weather, but it can also bring out some pesky bugs. Our family is all about being outside and keeping busy during the warm summer months. You can usually find us in the backyard or on the softball field. I find myself constantly worried about the bugs and keeping my children safe. We have a lot of ticks and mosquitoes in our neck of the woods. I do not like to put harsh chemicals on myself or my family, so I like to look for natural and homemade alternatives. I love to use essential oils for many different things. Our favorite scent is Lavender. Did you know that Lavender is an antiseptic and actually repels mosquitoes? It is a win for me because I just love the way it smells! I also love to use peppermint oil on my temples and neck when I have a migraine. It is also a great oil for rashes, sunburns, and as an insect repellent. I think using essential oils instead of a commercial bug repellent with deet is a better choice for yourself and the environment. I love to read the BLOG on PersonalCreations website. They always have awesome crafts for my girls, recipes for the family, and this month these great natural bug repellent recipes. Check out the link to their website and make these Natural Bug Repellents for your family. My favorites are the Lavender Breeze and Fresh Mint!

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