Moving into a new home as a Mommy isn’t easy 😳

There are so many emotions that come with purchasing and moving into a new home. We have been so overwhelmed with pretty much every single one of those emotions this past month. We closed on our new home… a little bit of a fixer upper as you might call it..a few weeks ago. We started painting and doing minor work right away. The Easter holiday fell right when we were supposed to move in and the floors were being finished … well they still aren’t technically finished since we had the wrong measurements and were a few square feet short! It has been the perfect storm for chaos these past few days. My husband and I have held it all together while leaning on our parents to help with the girls so we can pack, load up cars, move boxes and clean. It has been a crazy 48 hours. As I sit in bed tonight I realize how even though I am overwhelmed with boxes everywhere and nothing where it needs to be yet, that isn’t my focus this move. My focus has been keeping my girls calm and making sure they are adjusting. Moving as a mommy is different. My main goal is making sure they are comfortable and not scared…That this transition goes as smoothly as it possibly can for them until we get settled. Preparing to move, moving, and unpacking isn’t easy… and it is just down right exhausting. I have forgotten to eat and drink these past few days and forget about getting any sleep. Everything becomes so much harder as a mom because you have all of the work you know you need to do plus your normal Mommy job too! It’s hard to juggle it all. I want to give a great blog post with amazing tips on moving with little kids… but I have to be honest…. I don’t have any. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 It’s been rough mamas! Well that’s not exactly true…. most groceries stores are amazing and will save boxes for you for free to pack with!!! That’s an awesome tip! And they are great to pack almost everything in your house 👌🏻 I keep hearing I’m superwoman… I’m not so sure about that. I do know I’m exhausted … but it will all be worth it in the end.

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