Momtrepreneur… take a bow!

Ok! When do we find the time to get it all done! I am a stay at home mama of two toddler girls! I am also a mom with a side hustle… that’s a silly name for a side business. I love being a momtrepreneur. It is something that makes me feel important and empowered. I have a great mom blog where I share stories, review awesome products, and share reviews for my followers. In between working my two jobs, Mom & Momtrepreneur, I need to keep the house running. I find myself doing a balancing act daily. In the mornings I am running through the house cleaning, doing laundry, and making breakfast while the girls play. We have fun in our house so of course it doesn’t stay clean for long. After lunch is nap time, also known as work time in our house. This is when my oldest daughter has quiet time on her iPad and mommy works on the laptop. I use these two precious hours to blog, answer emails, look for potential collaborations, and connect with followers. There is a fine line I walk running my business on social media and not being glued to my phone all day. I really utilize nap time and night time to get work done. After nap and work time is over its time to have snack and play. We normally make crafts or play play – dough. Some days we even bake a yummy snack. I am sure you have seen our cooking shows on IGTV. In our home there is always something crazy and exciting going on. This is just a normal day. I haven’t even told you about the days we have special events like Taekwondo or gymnastics. There are school days and play dates too! It is crazy to be a mom who tries to juggle it all. When do you find time to get it all done in a day? Do you have a crazy schedule like I do that works for you? I find that if I don’t have some sort of method to my chaos I will go insane? By the end of the day I am exhausted… but I feel accomplished! I want to make my girls proud of me and one day aspire to be a strong woman too!

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