Mommy’s clean up crew?

Have you ladies realized all we do is clean… all day long? I clean up after breakfast, lunch, the toys, dinner… it’s a never ending cycle. It became something I just did and didn’t really think much about it until recently. You see my children like to mimic my behaviors. Sometimes this is flattering… others times I cringe. Recently both of my girls have been on a cleaning spree. It’s adorable, but has also made me stop and wonder is that all they see me do? My oldest daughter likes to clean her own bathroom, cleans the kitchen table, sweeps the floor.. you name it… she does it. Did I forget to mention she just turned 4 last month? My youngest daughter is 15 months old and likes to wipe the table clean, clean the floor with baby wipes, is obsessed with vacuuming with her kids vacuum, and will make sure to throw everything in the garbage when she is done. This is crazy. My mother was amazed today as she watched these events take place. She couldn’t believe how programmed my children were to clean up after themselves. This got me thinking… why on earth can’t our husbands be more like this? Now I adore my husband. He is amazing in every way … except for being tidy! He will make coffee and leave the empty k cup on the counter… next to the garbage. Leave dirty clothes on top of the hamper… not inside the hamper. Don’t even get me started on the dreaded empty toilet paper roll… I’m the mom who ran to pee while chasing her children praying they aren’t doing something god awful only to find no toilet paper! So my question is… if I can have this great of an influence on my 4 and 1 year old children… what do I have to do to get it to rub off on my hubby?!? I can’t imagine I am alone here? Ok ok I am OCD I said it!!! I think y’all got that picture when you envisioned my toddlers on a cleaning spree… but is it too much to ask for my hubby to pick up after himself?!?! Moms out there tell me I am not alone ?!?! Tell me you are out there reading this nodding your heads feeling the way I do tonight???

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