Mommy keeps it cool… even when she’s freaking out!

Being overwhelmed and a mom are two common things that tend to just go together. I am trying my very best to not let my feelings this past week get the best of me… but it’s getting harder every day. You see we bought this amazing fixer upper, our house on the hill, and had all of these great ideas about what we would do to it once it was ours. We never really thought about the buying process and how long it would take to close on a house. Fast forward a few months and to where I am today…I am beyond overwhelmed. I am looking at this fixer upper and thinking of how much work needs to get done. Painting, floors, cleaning, and I still haven’t even packed up our current home. I lay in bed at night as exhausted as can be, but wide awake thinking of all of the things I need to do. Moving this time is different, I’m a mom of two beautiful little girls, young girls, that still need my attention. They don’t understand why mommy is tired, or why we aren’t still going about our normal routine. I’m trying to find balance and keep life normal, especially for our toddler.I want this experience to go as smoothly as possible for her. There are only so many hours in the day and I’m finding peace in needing to leave projects undone and my house a mess. Today we put together Sophia’s playroom in the new house. Seeing her smile meant the world to me. I decided even though I still have so much work that needs to be done and so many rooms that need to be packed, it is more important to snuggle with my girls. I know everything will fall into place, but I can tell they are sensing that mommy is overwhelmed … and I’m the glue that holds it all together. I need to show them it’s all going to be ok….even if at the moment I’m not so sure how. That’s what being a mommy is all about. So now I am off to fill some Easter eggs with candy for a very special preschooler’s party tomorrow… and maybe get a little sleep tonight. Even though we are in a crazy amount of chaos with renovations and packing to move… seeing the smile on my children’s face in our new home makes it all worth while. There is nothing that compares to pulling up our beautiful driveway to our first family home together. It’s priceless.

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