Mommy Hacks


Quick and Easy Specialty Cake Hack!!!!

I needed a cake smash cake… so I ran to the local grocery store and purchased this fun sprinkle cake! I would normally make my own cake from scratch, but I just didn’t have the time today. I whipped up my very quick and super yummy marshmallow buttercream frosting and pipped it along the bottom and top of the cake. In no time I have transformed this store bought cake into my very own creation!


Cake Mix Cookies 

I found out today that if you have a box of cake mix you can make cookies!!!!!! I was going crazy with the girls and needed to find something fun to do! We had cake mix, eggs, and oil! Perfect for cookies!!!! If you don’t have frosting have no fear these cookies are even better!!! You can swap out any cake mix at all!!!!! Add in anything from sprinkles to chocolate chips like we did! Get creative and enjoy!



Quick Party Dip

Every once in a while you come across a mommy hack that just well… makes sense! Today was perfect! I hosted a really fun Harvest Party play date. I planned it all like I normally do. I had my lists all ready and was at the grocery store to buy all of my ingredients from my Pinterest finds. I am a busy mom and I forgot the main ingredient to this pumpkin dip I planned to make… yup you guessed it… the pumpkin. I didn’t panic… I made this crazy good dip for apples instead. I took a container of cool whip, 3 packs of vanilla pudding cups, and cinnamon. It was delicious! I think it was possibly better than the recipe I was going to make! It was healthy and perfect for apples and the apple chips I had in my pantry. Awesome for the Harvest Party!!!


Popsicle Hack!

Want a Popsicle… but not the cold hands?!? No worries just throw a pot holder on the end and bam… you have your very own Popsicle holder 🙂 The perfect kid size!!! Works every time !


Online Grocery Shopping Hack

Busy moms need a little help sometimes! I take mine from a little friend I call Shoprite from Home!!! I swear every week the just impress me more! This past week I got a call letting me know that a few items on my list needed to be changed. This is normal when doing your grocery shopping online. My personal shopper as they are called, took the time to pick my meat and produce carefully paying close attention to the dates. She even decided against my zucchini because she didn’t think it looked its best. These are the type of people that truly care about you and your family. I can’t choose just one part of this experience that is my favorite. I don’t know if I love the shopping at home with a glass of wine, the fact that my groceries are brought to my car without me needing to get out with my children, or that I actually save money because I can budget better this way. I highly recommend giving shopping for your groceries online a try just once!