Mommy Hacks

Every once in a while you come across a mommy hack that just well… makes sense! Today was perfect! I hosted a really fun Harvest Party play date. I planned it all like I normally do. I had my lists all ready and was at the grocery store to buy all of my ingredients from my pinterest finds. I am a busy mom and I forgot the main ingredient to this pumpkin dip I planned to make… yup you guessed it… the pumpkin. I didn’t panic… I made this crazy good dip for apples instead. I took a container of cool whip, 3 packs of vanilla pudding cups, and cinnamon. It was delicious! I think it was possibly better than the recipe I was going to make! It was healthy and perfect for apples and the apple chips I had in my pantry. Awesome for the Harvest Party!!!



Want a popsicle… but not the cold hands?!? No worries just throw a pot holder on the end and bam… you have your very own popsicle holder 🙂 The perfect kid size!!! Works every time !