Even on your sick days…. You’re still a mom first! Being a Mom with migraines is hard. You need to pick yourself up and carry on. There are mornings when I just open my eyes and a migraine hits. I still need to pick myself up and if I cannot walk I crawl down the hall to take care of my two girls. My husband is truly amazing and helps as much as he can, but I have to do my job as a mom too! If you have stumbled upon my page and understand what I am going through…. I would love to hear from you!!!

Magnesium… It works!

The doctor told me to up my daily magnesium intake. I tried many pill form variations but they never seemed to work for my migraines. After doing a lot of research on magnesium I came across Natural Vitality Natural Calm Magnesium powder. I mix it in my water at night before bed. I drink the plain version but it also comes in flavors. This anti stress drink has the perfect amount of magnesium that goes right into your system without having to be broken down from a pill form. I have seem a tremendous drop in my migraines since drinking this magnesium drink. You can find it on Amazon and at most local stores!

Botox…. Really?!

So I was skeptical! Like really really really skeptical! I was eligible for Botox for my migraines for a long time before I actually set up the appointment. I am not sure what it was the scared me more, that this was my last resort, or the injections themselves. I think about the “idea” of Botox and what most over the media have used it for and I would always think… it isn’t for me. I have had migraines since I was 9… that is a long time to live life with the beast. I have tried so many medications… and they have mostly failed. I am at the point now where Botox was my last resort. I scheduled my appointment and took a leap of faith. I think I was more nervous about the pain of the injections than anything. The doctor assured me that if I can get through my type of migraine, I can get through Botox… he was right! I had 20 injections total and it lasted about 5 minutes. Since having my first round of Botox I have had headaches, but no serious migraine episodes. I am in shock! I went from having to use my heavy duty abort meds almost daily, to just using over the counter meds every once in a while. It is a life I have never known before! This isn’t to say I will never have another migraine episode again. I don’t think you can ever be cured from migraine, but I truly think this helped so much for me. I know I spent so much time with the fear of the unknown and this was time wasted that I could have been feeling good. As a mom of two young girls my days are precious. I encourage anyone suffering from serious daily migraine and considering Botox with your Doctor to give it a try. It can be life changing.

Migraines…. My gosh why?!?

It seems I have been asking myself this question since my journey with migraines began when I was just 9 years old. I can still remember the day it all happened. They say you never forget the first time you had a migraine and I can remember it like it was yesterday. I was reading out loud in class and I could no longer see the book. I was terrified. After the nurse sent me home to my mother I became violently ill and had the worst headache of my life… this was my first migraine with aura. My migraines have gotten worse with age and changed as well. I have grown to have a condition of migraine called Hemiplegic Migraine. These are a rare type of migraine with aura. My journey of a mom with migraine is a difficult one. I never know from day to day, minute to minute what my life will be like. I am a migraine warrior. My pregnancies were difficult and high risk. I am incredibly blessed to have my two daughters with my condition. I am always trying to find healthy alternatives to the daily medications I am on. My doctors recently started me on botox and so far so good. I hope to take you on my migraine journey of life as a mom with migraines. I plan to share diet tips that work and help. My success stories with supplements and medications, and any other tips that could help another mama in need.