Migraine Planning for our Trip

It’s the morning of our road trip and I am awake before the rest of the family. To be honest I am awake before the sun today. I can not sleep because I have so many things on my to do list swirling around my head. We are heading out for a little family weekend away. The girls are so excited which means I have even more pressure to feel ok! I packed all of the essentials like clothes, cold weather gear, and snacks… but now I need to worry about my health. As a mom with a medical condition (Hemiplegic Migraine) I always have to think and be one step ahead. I need to plan out what my medications will be and what my days will look like. It’s like I am a behind the scenes person for a beautiful play. We have a jam packed trip filled with Santa, Christmas lights, and rides. Most people would be very excited, however migraine patients know some of these things are triggers. I do not want my girls to worry about me and I want to have fun. I decided to pack my normal medications and some other things in my emergency kit. I have magnesium, my migraine glasses, lots of water, and motion sickness bands. I also plan to eat as clean as I possibly can to keep my inflammation down. This trip is so exciting and we love to travel, so I will keep you posted on my tips and tricks! Stay tuned for our upcoming December Disney trip and how I mom with migraine! 🥰

Hemiplegic Migraine

Avulux Glasses

Calm Magnesium

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