Making snack time healthy… and yummy too! Matt n Mikes Super-Kid Snack Bars

As a mom you want to find the best foods to feed your children. I am always trying to give them a balanced diet consisting of fruit and vegetables mixed in with all of the other food groups. I work hard each day to plan our families meals to be healthy and tasty. Like every normal kid my Sophia loves sweets! She is always asking me for a sweet treat especially at snack time. I try to limit her treats but I also look for healthy alternatives to the not so healthy treats on the market. When I came across Matt n Mikes Super-kid snack bars I knew I had to give them a try! These bars are packed with amazing vitamins and minerals and made with all natural ingredients. They have a soft and chewy texture which is perfect for a young toddler and are made with natural and healthy ingredients like honey, spinach, chia seeds, cocoa, and fruit, to name a few. As soon as the box arrived at the door, my three year old could not wait to give these a try. She and I tasted the raspberry, blueberry, and chocolate bars. She absolutely loved the chocolate bar! She ate the entire thing! These are so delicious and nutritious being they are packed with protein. I recommend them to any parent looking to replace snack time with a healthier alternative. I have found myself snacking on these amazing super-kid bars myself… they are just that yummy! We give Matt n Mikes two thumbs up!!!! πŸ‘πŸ»

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