Making my lists.. and checking them twice!

Thanksgiving prep is in full swing tonight! I spent this weekend shopping for my decorations and tableware. I was so excited to score on a huge sale at The Christmas Tree shop when everything fall was on a huge discount! Today was the big grocery shop. I had my two lists in hand and I was on a mission. One list was my menu and my other list had everything I needed to buy. I am obsessed with making lists. It’s just who I am. I love to be organized and prepared for what I have coming up. I came home and put everything away. My next set of lists consists of cleaning, cooking, and to dos for the next few days. I think my favorite list I have for this week is my shopping list for Black Friday! Yes I am one of those crazy shoppers… are you?!?! There is something insanely addicting about going on no sleep, a full belly, and adrenaline after a long day of family and feast and heading out to shop. My mom and I have always kicked off our Christmas season with Black Friday shopping. It’s our little tradition. We go to the little gas station to get a newspaper and clip our coupons while we sip coffee before we head out into the night with the other crazy shoppers ready for the biggest deal of the year. You see my lists may seem crazy to most… well definitely to my husband, but to me they are part of my tradition of Thanksgiving and the Holiday season! Stay tuned for some of my favorite Black Friday sneak peaks and special tips!!!!

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