Make pizza at home with your kids! You won’t miss the take out I promise !😉

Ordering from your local pizzeria is great on those nights when you’re in a rush or just simply don’t have it in you to cook, but if you have the extra few minutes to spare… make it at home! I started making homemade pizza many years ago, but it was never as much fun as it is now doing it with my daughter. I’ve always liked making my own take out. There is just something about knowing exactly what is going into my food. I take pride in picking out my own ingredients and making my own creations. Now don’t get me wrong, there are still nights we phone in to a local take out joint and eat out of plastic containers… but most nights I chose to make my own! Sophia absolutely loves cooking with mommy so when I asked her tonight what she wanted to make she screamed pizza with so much excitement! We went to the grocery store to pick out the ingredients…. after a quick Starbucks stop of course! 🙂 You can find pizza dough at any grocery store or you can call your favorite pizza shop and buy it right from them. The best part about making pizza is there is no rhyme or reason .. no right or wrong way to do it. You can pick any toppings you like and make it your own. Sophia loves to roll out the dough … it’s her favorite part. I think most kids would love this because it is like playing with play dough. I let Sophia have free reign when making her own pizza. She adds her own sauce, seasonings, cheese, and veggies. This is a great way to get her to try new things. Tonight she decided she wanted to add olives and mushrooms to her pizza… I was hesitant.. but said ok it’s your pizza. You know what … she ate it! There is something about children making their own food … it’s pride I think, it gets them to eat what they made. Since she is such a picky eater I take that as a huge mommy win! This was a great family fun night activity. We love pizza night in our house! Our grown up pizza tasted amazing too! In just about the same time it would have taken to order and pick up a pizzeria pizza we had a homemade pizza with great memories too!

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