Life in the palm of her hand …

Today was a normal Sunday which for our traveling family was super exciting. We started our day at church and after went to a local nursery to pick up some flowers for our home. I was so excited to finally be able to buy some flowers for our home since our family road trips have come to an end for a while. We had a lot of fun exploring other states and vacationing as a family but there’s something to be said about being home…. especially in your new home. Sophia was extra excited about our trip to buy flowers today. I let her help me pick out every single one and she couldn’t wait to get home and start planting. Once we got home we changed into gardening clothes and began our outside journey. I taught Sophia how to pot the plants and carefully pull them out of the containers. It amazed me how much she has grown since last year and how much she actually helped this year. We added the soil and watered every single plant. As we were pulling weeds from a flower bed we came across an earth worm. Her immediate reaction was to be afraid but I showed her how gentle these creatures were and explained how they were good for the earth. She asked to hold him for one quick picture to remember him and then we put him back into the flowers. It was such a perfect day spent outside. She can’t wait to go outside and water our flowers again. I love teaching my girls about nature and how to care for our flowers. It’s something special we can share together.

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