Kid Fresh!!!

One of our favorite prepared meals for kids is Kidfresh! I cannot say enough good things about this brand! I found this brand when Sophia was starting to eat table food and have loved it for years! It is real ingredients made fresh and with love. The company cares about what goes into the meals and even puts hidden veggies in each and every kid plate. We love the mac and cheese and the chicken nuggets. They also have pasta with meat sauce, quesadillas, and so many more! When you open the mac and cheese you see real shredded cheese!!! What mom would not feel good about giving their child this meal?!!? My girls ask for this in the supermarket and I am happy to buy it for them. It is a quick go to meal when we are busy and it tastes delicious! I find myself taking bites of their pasta and even eating the chicken nuggets on my salads too! If you haven’t tried Kidfresh yet, I encourage you to go to their website to see where you can find them locally!

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