Jazzygdesigns Tutus!!!! 😍

Sophia is crazy for Tutus!!!! She wears one to dance class every week, wears one to school at least once a week, and wears one dancing around the house pretty much daily!

So when I had the chance to team up with this incredible company Jazzygdesigns I jumped at the chance! I have seen my share of Tutus! I mean I can’t even count how many we have in our house… but they can’t even compare to the quality of the Jazzygdesign Tutus!

They are gorgeous, full, and handmade to perfection! Sophia is in love with her new Tutus! We were sent a few, two for Sophia and one to give to a sweet princess! Sophia had a hard time choosing which one to part with because she truly loved them all! That’s how incredible they are!!!!! We will for sure be ordering many more Tutus in the future… the very near future. Sophia already has a long list of colors mommy needs to order! 😍

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