In sickness and in health …

When taking your wedding vows you have the best expectations, you’re at the highest point in your relationship, you’re at your best. You are looking down the path of your future together thinking you can conquer the world together no matter what obstacle is thrown your way. The term in sickness and in health is used in almost every wedding and is meant for any type of ailment. Over the past few days… my husband has seen me at my all time worst, and trust me that is saying a lot. I have a medical condition called Hemiplegic Migraine that flares up from time to time, but this my friends this was worse…. this was SEVERE food poisoning! I got sick fast and I was out for several days even needing to be in the hospital for a few hours for hydration…. ya it was ugly. My mother came to the rescue for a day, as well as my mother in law for a few hours, thank God for Grandmas!!!! With the exception of a little help from the grandparents, hubby was flying solo… or a single parent as he kept reminding me. He held me all night long that first night and never slept and still woke up with the kids that next morning. He did his best to feed the girls, keep the house somewhat clean, care for the dog, and me. He looked exhausted after day 1. Each and every day that went by he would say “are you better yet, I really need you back here”. He kept the house from burning down and the two kids, dog and fish alive so I would say he did a great job. (Although he forgot to feed the fish so it survived on its own.) After day two his patience seemed to be dwindling, the house looked like a tornado had blown through and they were all eating frozen dinners…. he was still caring for me… but I can see the desperation on his face for me to get better. He finally looked at me and said ” how do you do it”?! See I don’t think husbands understand just how hard a wife and mother work for their family… especially a stay at home mom. We work so hard all day to feed the children, take care of the pets, keep the house clean, laundry folded, maybe grocery shop, do crafts, get dinner on the table… all before our husbands even finish work for the day. For our marriage I think it was nice for my husband to see me in sickness, not just in health… recognize the things that I do for our family and appreciate them. I also completely feel I got to see my husband for the caring compassionate person he is as well… nurturing and jumping into action for our family when times are bad and I need him the most. It’s funny how a sickness or a change of pace can put things into perspective. Our marriage has always been great and we have always loved and respected one another but taking time to appreciate the things you do for each other is so important… in sickness and in health. ❤️

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