Her Own Space

We bought a sprawling farmhouse ranch that we fell in love with. It wasn’t the brand new house that we thought we would end up in, but it was the house we knew was meant to be HOME. This 1969 ranch came with it all. Many bedrooms, acres, and bathrooms. Actually it came with very colorful bathrooms. One of the bathrooms is pink, very pink. We had originally thought we would have this bathroom renovated, but our toddler had other plans. She wanted this to be her bathroom. We loved this idea. It not only gave her a creative outlet, it also saved us thousands of dollars! It’s a win… win! We went shopping together and picked out everything to decorate her bathroom. Sophia of course chose frozen. I don’t think we will ever “Let it Go”. She was so proud to set up her bathroom today. She put her hand towels out and set up her soap. She placed each wall decal in the exact place she wanted it to be and was so excited to see her vision coming together. She ran through the house picking out her Barbie dolls to sit on her vanity and every single frozen toy she owned to decorate her bathroom. She completed her design with a handwritten sign she taped to the wall outside the door. I watched her tonight washing her sink with a sponge. I asked her what she was doing and she told me it was her responsibility to keep her bathroom clean. It was in that moment I realized how much this moment in time meant to Sophia. She had her own space. She had her own bathroom. She is only three, but so wise. I gave her a little independence and it changed her entire attitude. Yesterday our entire day was filled with tantrums and time out. I knew I needed to do something to change that momentum. I can’t believe how different today was. She is so incredibly proud of what she has created all by herself. I just love seeing this side of her. As a parent it has opened my eyes. I need to see that maybe she is wise beyond her years. Maybe she needs a little more to keep her attention. I need to let go of my OCD neat freak ways and let her enjoy making her own messes, well creations that she loves. Today was an amazing day… and it was all thanks to a vintage bathroom and a little imagination.

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