Have you walked in her shoes?

I’ve been thinking a lot about being a mom and all that comes along with it. From the moment you find out you are pregnant your world suddenly changes. You start to worry about every little thing. From that moment on your life is no longer your own. As a mom you are the caretaker of the home, the therapist, the chef, the doctor, you name the role… I bet you own it. Have you ever really stopped to wonder what it does to your body… your soul? I have recently been, I guess you would say, the victim; however, I don’t like to use this word lightly, of mom judgment or shaming. You know what I have to say about it… It sucks! There is no candy coating involved in this statement, it just down right sucks. I have spent my adult years in a no judgment zone. I cannot say the same for my naïve teenage and college self, but the woman I have become has grown in a different direction. I have a respect for others in a way that helps me to view life in a way that makes me understand that instead of judging someone for what they may do or say, wonder what drove them in that direction. As far as mom life is concerned, have you ever looked at a mom and wondered what must her morning have been like? I have been on both ends of this spectrum. I have been the mom wondering and I am certain I have been the one being judged. There have been days that no matter what you envisioned could go right, has gone wrong. Breakfast was burned and that was the last piece of bread. The stomach bug just happened to hit your home unexpectedly, your husband lost his job, there is a health concern in your family, your toddler is on their third tantrum and its only 8am. All these things could be happening to a mom you pass in the grocery store, but you have no idea what she is going through. My point is you have a decision to make, you can judge her based on her attire, her demeanor or choose to smile at her and pray her day gets better. I wonder what the mom community would be like if we truly cared more about one another and less about judging each other. I challenge you to look at a mom you either want to get to know, or maybe have neglected taking the time to, and ask yourself… have you walked in her shoes? Life is hard, being a mom is hard, we need each other to get through this thing called motherhood.

Today I had a very unexpected situation happen while I was at Lowe’s with my two daughters. I was struggling to load 130 stone blocks onto a cart with both girls patiently waiting next to me with Nana. It took me longer than expected and the girls were restless. Priscilla was starting to cry and a women became very upset with my children’s behavior. She was incredibly rude to us and even went as far as to swear at myself and my children. Honestly it was one of the most bizarre situations I have ever encountered in my life. After spending so much energy picking up these stones my only response was I will pray for you. I went on with my day, but couldn’t help but wonder what drove that women to have so much anger towards me and my children. I for sure was not having the best day ever… and I can’t imagine she thought treating me this way would make my day any better. I just pray these sorts of things wouldn’t continue to happen to other moms. We are strong and do so much for our families. We need to lift each other up.

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