Halloween… Hangover !

Halloween was fun… but the next day is when it gets real. The “hangover” as I like to call it sets in and moms everywhere are wondering what on earth is wrong with their precious children. Well at least this is what happens in my house. You see the excitement of Halloween is a week long event. We really love to take advantage of the local events and get use out of our pricey costumes. We had a blast this year at parties, play dates, and events! Last night was the grand Halloween finale and this family of four has had our share of sugar. Today was a day of reckoning.. a day to detox from the sugar high… and introduce some other food groups back into these little girl’s bodies. Its November 1 and Halloween is now over. My gosh you would think it was the worst day ever. Between tantrums, melt downs, late bed times and other craziness… I would say this mom was ready for the day to be over. After using my last time out and behavior chart threat my toddler Sophia actually told me… ” Mom, let’s just sit down and talk about this for a minute” she was referring to her latest punishment. So this can give you an idea of the type of day I had. I wonder is sugar some type of drug for my family? Are other families going through this detox like we are? Are there moms feeling like I am tonight? Clinging to their rose’ wondering how today was honestly this bad?!?! Well cheers mama! It’s November!

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