Get to know Normal Mommy

It’s the New Year… Get to Know Normal Mommy!

I figured since the New Year is well on its way, I would take a few moments and share some fun facts about myself and my family! I reside in New England with my husband of almost six years and our two beautiful daughters. We absolutely love living here and think it is one of the most gorgeous places in the world. The seasons here are stunning and the food is fabulous. I love being a stay at home mom in our small suburbia town. This coming year our oldest daughter will be starting kindergarten and I must be honest and tell you I am not ready at all! I think I will have a greater adjustment period then she will. I decided to start my mom blog when I was pregnant with my second daughter. The idea came one snowy day when we couldn’t leave the house. I suffer from a rare migraine condition called hemiplegic migraine and it truly rules my life. During pregnancy my condition is bad, and I become down. I wanted to start a blog to be able to reach out to other moms about my condition and maybe even be able to help someone that was going through what I was. I had no clue how to start a blog or even what my name would be, I just knew how badly I needed an outlet. I sat with tears in my eyes and told my husband how badly I wanted to be “normal” one day. He smiled and reminded me that I was a “normal mom”. This was the moment my blog was born and the day I started Normal Mommy. I had no idea what it would become. This little business that I had envisioned as an outlet for my medical condition became a wonderful mom blog where I can share my condition, recipes,fun crafts, daily activities, and so much more. My girls absolutely love to participate in trying and reviewing awesome new products that come our way and I feel like an accomplished mom boss. I never knew that a stay at home mom with a dream could really turn it all into a profitable business. I am so excited to share my blog with my followers in hope to bring a smile to someone’s face with our crazy, normal, everyday life! I thought it would be fun to share some fun facts about myself with my growing followers so here are 10 fun facts about Normal Mommy!

  1. I am not a 100% Italian but if you met my family you would swear, we came out of an old school Italian movie… we even make our own homemade wine. Old school press and all!!!!
  2. I am 18 years younger than my brother and sister. I basically grew up like an only child at home but have the most awesome relationship with my siblings! I was a surprise!!!
  3. I love to cook…. But NEVER follow a recipe! I would rather make up my own any day of the week! I have only seriously failed twice that I can recall. Ask my husband about the lemon meatballs!
  4. Anxiety is my worst enemy. I worry about absolutely everything in the world. If there is a problem… you bet I will google it!
  5. My husband and I met over 10 years ago but waited years to go on a date! By the time we went on our first date we were sharing sushi… engaged six months later… and the rest is history.
  6. I live in New England, but really don’t like cold weather activities. You will not catch me on the slopes!!!! I barely like to make a snowman in the yard.
  7. I competed in beauty pageants for a large part of my life and won several State and National titles. It was a very cool part of my life.
  8. I am 100% OCD! If I don’t clean my house everyday… then I am probably sick. Even then I find a way to clean.
  9. I have a fiery personality and a heart bigger than my body. I once spent over 30 minutes making my husband lunch… and in the fit of pregnancy hormones smashed his sandwich because he took a phone call. Gosh we laugh about this now. He still enjoyed his lunch and says it was one of the best sandwiches I have ever made!
  10.  I am Holiday crazy! If it’s a Holiday, we decorate and celebrate it at our house! We normally decorate, bake, and cook for the occasion. I love to Pinterest fun ideas and make a celebration for the kids! I feel making memories is what life is all about!!!!!

Well that is some fun stuff about me!!!! I would love to hear more about my followers too!!!

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