Finding happiness in chocolate!

I wanted to follow up with my readers from yesterday’s blog post! I had so many of my followers reach out to me and ask about Sophia’s experience with food dye. I am not a scientist or a doctor… just a mom who found something that works for my daughter! 🙂 Sophia has been missing her favorite coated chocolate candy for a while now, but knew that it makes her not feel good when she eats it. Last night after dinner she told my husband and I about her school day. This is typical for our family. Every night we reflect as a family about our day. Sophia told us that during math at school she was offered M&M candy as a reward for her math skills. At four years old she knew to turn down her favorite candy. She told her teacher that this candy makes her angry and she can’t have it. This was all self promoted by Sophia. The teacher understood and gave Sophia a different reward for her math. I was so proud of Sophia I was brought to tears. I was on a mission to find Sophia an alternative to her favorite candy that she can not only have at home but bring to school too. Nana looked everywhere this morning and came to our house with three bags of Unreal candy! Sophia was so excited and absolutely loved them!!!! I think you can tell by the photo above how excited she was to have these chocolate candies!

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