Encouraging creativity in your toddler… no matter how messy it may be!

  • My three year old…almost three and a half as she likes to say… loves to bake. She has been baking with me for a long time, almost two years, and her favorite show to watch these days is the Kids Baking Championship on Food Network. I am pretty sure we have seen every episode at least 3 times. Our normal baking strategy has been to follow a recipe and know exactly what we are making. That was not the case today. Sophia had a plan in her mind… she wanted to make grape and apple pie. I laughed and said “honey what exactly is that”? She proceeded to tell me that it would have 3 apples, a handful of grapes, salt and pepper, butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon. She knew exactly what she wanted in this pie. I tried to persuade her to not add the salt and pepper… and definitely stay away from the grapes. I was not looking forward to peeling the grapes one by one…. but I did exactly what she asked. I was her cooking assistant today, the roles were reversed. She was so excited to make her pie! She did every single step herself. Placed the pie crust in the dish, cut her own apples, added her spices and grapes. Every step of the way she reminded me it was her recipe and she was doing this herself. She put the top on the pie and I showed her how to pinch a small part of the crust on top. She watched closely and finished the pie herself. She poked the holes in the top and watched me put it in the oven. She waited and watched for the hour it baked so excited to see what her creation would be. After dinner we cut into her pie. She squealed with excitement and took a bite…. it was delicious. I would have never thought to add grapes to an apple pie. But you know what… I think I will from now on. Sophia was so proud of her pie and I am so proud of her creation. I think from now on I will encourage Sophia to make up more recipes when we cook or bake together. You never know I may have the next kids baking championship star right here in my kitchen. 😊 Encourage creativity in your children… you may be surprised in how it turns out.

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