Easy traveling with Easyxplorer

Have you traveled with a toddler? It’s not always fun and there are days when we barely get down the driveway before I hear “are we there yet!” Our family loves to travel and I love to keep Sophia busy on our car rides. Easyxplorer is a fun travel tray that goes across your child’s lap safely and comfortably fitting across the car seat. The child can place a snack, toys, crafts, and even an ipad or book right on the surface of the tray. It is the perfect size for children to feel comfortable in their seat and be occupied while on a car ride. I use this for Sophia when we are traveling to allow her to have a snack or to draw pictures. She can use the pockets to fit her markers in and she loves to put her snack and juice box in her compartments too! We love the easyxplorer!

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